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While many are still in the euphoria of the new year, some have moved on like nothing happened, and many are yet to pick up themselves for the year. Whichever of these categories you fall into, it won’t matter much if you can heed this advice that I am about to share with you. This is an advice specially crafted for you!

I know you have goals and aspirations for the year like you always do every new year. My question is; how many of those goals and aspirations do you fulfill? Unfortunately, the majority of us don’t achieve up to 10% of such aspirations while some live year in and year out without any concern on aspirations and goals.

Maximise 2024 Beyond Goal Setting

If you do not intend to waste 2024 and you are sure you truly want a fulfilled year, there is something you need to do beyond the goal setting. If you do not have a clear understanding of how to set goals, please read this piece and then come back to read on how to maximize 2024 Beyond goal setting.

What of the question that should be on your mind is how to achieve the goals you have set for the year. I know there are lots of things you can do to achieve the goals. But there is one that is less talked about but very important. Without it, it may appear that we assume we have all that we need to achieve our goals. That assumption is not true except you do not have quality goals.

This borders on your knowledge and skills. If I may ask, what skills do you need to deliver your goals and make the year a fulfilled one for you? This is where my advice is targeting. Can you itemize each skill you need to achieve the goals before you? You need to do that right away. I mean pick up your pen and write, stop using your head to figure it out!

What To Do With The Itemized Skills

Now that you have written them out, pick out the ones you have already. Here, you need to be sincere with yourself. Also, indicate the level of your proficiency on each and indicate which one you need to improve on. Which ones do you need to relearn? Note that the quality of your skill proficiency will determine the result that you will get.

For the rest of the skills you do not have, that can only mean either of two things. It is either you learn them or you contract them to people who have the skills. Now you need to decide which you will learn and which you will contract. It is not advisable to do it all by yourself, especially in areas where you are not a professional.

Work With Your Schedule

With this, you can simply develop your training schedule. All you need is to look at the timeline for each delivery and plan to learn the skills ahead of the time you will be needing them or for the ones that you may not be able to learn because of time and resources needed, make a schedule on when to contract them out with the expectations.

Just as we will advise you to have an action schedule, you are to have a learning schedule as well. Without these two schedules, you may never achieve anything worthwhile in the year. You may just find yourself waking up every morning until the year ends before you realize you have done nothing in your said goals.

Last Advice

While many often complain that training is expensive and they are not able to do it because of lack of finance, I must say to you if you are one of those that you are not serious and unwilling to achieve anything worthwhile with your life. That may be brutal but it is the truth! This is because there is absolutely nothing you want to learn today, that is not free on the internet.

You are probably reading this on a smartphone, Tab, Laptop, or desktop and that is all you need to learn on the internet. You can try it now, type a topic of interest on Google or YouTube, and see the results that will come up. You will see lots of resources that will come up for free. If you spend one hour daily for the next one week to read through on that topic, you will be amazed at how much you would know in one week.

Well, I can not emphasize this enough. This is my advice crafted for you for this week. I hope you find it useful and inspiring to get you to do something for yourself. Please do let me know what you feel about this and if this has worked for you before now, please share your experience.

This year is yours to shape – seize the opportunities, embrace the challenges, and chart a course for success in your professional journey. What are you set to achieve in your career in this new year? The possibilities are limitless, and the path to success awaits. This is to your career success in this new year. Check out this career guide and you can also check workplace personality assessment. Take free business courses here.

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