Meet the Mid Life Crisis Coach

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Jesus was asked by what authority do you do what you do? He answered them

If you ask me what authority do I talk about Mid Life Crisis/Re-invention, I will give you just four


Both mid Life crisis and Re-invention happened to me. It was a season of my life where the pull from the outside was more than the push from the inside. It affected all areas of my life. But I never knew what it was. I prayed, meditated, read, reflected. It took me time to know what it was


I researched it
Having known what it was, I started researching and studying this for several years


I caught it.
The biggest part for me was the experience Holy Spirit took me through during this journey. Almost from any portion of the scripture and from any patriarch, I can show you Mid Life Crisis and Mid Life Re-invention. I can show you how men entered the crisis and how they were re-invented. Some of the things I teach in my trainings, one-on-one coaching sessions and Mid Life Re-invention Roundtable retreats cannot be found on Google or any other materials because they were revealed


I have had and received several testimonies from far and near from those who listened to me, attended my trainings, my one-on-one, roundtable retreats and those who listened to my materials. Ranging from

Suicide avoidance
Dissolving of meaninglessness
Gaining clarity
Restoration of lives
Bouncing back after major setbacks etc

Mid Life Crisis/ Re-invention is not a question of If but a question of When

You know the best news?

You can RE-INVENT yourself out of Mid Life Crisis


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