Helping Hands

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We know that work can be stressful and painful sometimes. And things may get out of hand too so much that you don’t know what to do. Well, everyone who works as an employee gets there at one point or the other. The fact is that you will get there someday except you are not trying new things at work.

Here at career advice, we are delighted to come to your rescue and give you a helping hand through advice crowdsourcing. This means we will help you get the problems in front of those who can give you advice on what to do and how to handle such situations. Perhaps, you are having a hard time at work right now, please read till the end and explore the helping hand we have for you.

Do you have any challenge at work or situation that is seemingly overwhelming? You don’t have to go through it alone. We are here to help you and there are several millions of people who have gone through it. They are more than willing to give you advice on the way forward.
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All you need to do now is to put yourself together and write out the challenge. We will post it on our page for people to read, share a similar experience, and offer advice. Don’t worry, it is confidential and no one will know it’s you. Here are the rules to follow;

  1. Don’t use your real names
  2. Don’t use the real name of the company/workplace
  3. Don’t use the real names of other people involved
  4. Don’t state the real location, just use something like southern Nigerian, Western London, etc.
  5. If the company/workplace is the only one in that region, just use the country.
  6. Be sure to explain all so that the advice can be whole considering all parts of the story. This is very important!

Kindly forward your story to (no attachment please, type all in the body of the email)
Our team will read through it and let you know when it will come online for people to provide advice.

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